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Sleeping with Contacts: How to Remove Stuck Prescription Contact Lenses?


Contacts should be the first thing to remove when you decide to be on your bed after a hectic day. Since wearing lenses compromise oxygen permeability, having them in eyes whilst you sleep may stick them to your eyes. Upon realizing that you slept in with your prescription contact lenses at night; the first thing you should be avoiding is โ€œPanicโ€. Luckily, leaving them overnight do not damage your eyes but may leave them inflamed or irritated. To remove stuck contacts follow the steps below

  • Hygiene First

Ok now since you are prohibited to panic, what should come first? Hygiene, hands down. Wash your hands using soap & water. Pat them dry using a lint free fabric. Avoid using towel as you have to do a hard job of locating your lost lenses using fingers.

  • Locating Contacts in Eyes after a Nap

There are fair chances that your prescription contact lenses get dislodged whilst sleeping. They may fold up or stick to your upper eye lid or may curl themselves up at the corner of eyes. Sometimes your eyes also flush them out whilst you sleep if you have an ample production of quality tears.

You must be able to tell without even looking in the mirror if prescription contact lenses are still messing in the eye. Do not rub your eyes because the stuck contact can scratch the cornea. If you are unable to move a stuck lens do the following

  • Rehydrate your Eyes

Rehydrate your eyes using saline solution or eye drops. The immense supply of moisture will help detaching the stuck lens. It also mitigates the irritation and improves blurred vision. After the lens gets back to its position, you can pull your upper lid up and lower down using your thumb and index finger to remove the prescription contact lenses that got lost after leaving them overnight in eyes.

  • Removing Stuck Prescription Contact Lenses

Either remove your contacts using your finger pads or go for a plunger that usually comes with contact lens kits. Plunger is a rubber tool that acts as a suction tool. Put the rubber base of the tool at the center of the lens and pull it away from your eyes.

  • Resting your Eyes

After you have rescued your prescription contact lenses, soak them back in the chambers filled with contact lens solution. Do not rush inserting a new pair of contacts since your eyes now need a rest until the inflammation is completely gone. Instill few eye drops that claim to take the redness away.


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