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Contact Lenses Online: Preventing your Eyes from Sun Damage

UV Protection contact lenses & sunglasses

Women are way too conscious about sun tan and damage caused by the scorching rays. Unfortunately, due to lack of awareness only few know that UV rays are equally as harmful for your hair & eyes as they are for your skin. Even if you don’t go out in direct sunlight, the heat radiation can break off the top lipid layer, responsible to act as a barrier between your skin & environmental damaging factors. Slathering sunblock is easy but interception of UV rays reaching your eyes need a lot more of the home work.

UV Contact Lenses Online: How to Block UV Rays Reaching your Eyes?

  • Sunglasses

So apparently you think emptying your hefty wallet on a branded expensive pair of sun glasses will do the job? To your disappointment, the answer is plain ‘No’. Sun glasses are all usually tinted that help muting the sunrays to some extent. They unfortunately are not capable of intercepting UV rays until & unless a label clearly reads on. Go for sunglasses with UV400 as they block even the tiniest of the harmful rays hitting your eyes. Also take a note that your chosen glasses have large wraparound lenses to prevent rays reaching your eyes from sides and other open directions.

  • Wearing UV Blocking Contact Lenses

Contact lenses with UV interception are not easily available. You may get them from your optometrist but you they will cost you a fortune. Take a cost effect measure and place an order for UV protection contact lenses online. It is rare to find UV blocking colored contact lenses online; as it is the transparent variant that most of the manufacturers focus at.

Geolica Eyevelyn contacts provide improved UV interception than sun glasses as they cover your iris fully. No rays can reach your eyes from up, sides and below.

  • Ensure Extra Layers of Protection Wearing a Wide Brimmed Hat

Wearing a wide brimmed hat acts as a shade to your eyes. It controls the amount of UV rays striking your chest & face hence is considered effective preventing heat stroke.

  • Avoid Peak Sunny Hours

It is said that sun is mercy less the most between 10:00 am to 2:00pm. However the research has found that eyes are most at risk at mid-morning and late noon. Also be wary of the sun damage even on a cloudy day.

  • Be Careful of the Reflection

Sunrays are always brutal. Reflection off of the sand, snow & water can even cause sudden vision loss. Therefore always wear UV contacts along with UV blocking sunglasses & a wide brimmed hat. No matter whether it is summer or winter; you should always have Geolica UV protection contacts available.

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