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Why Prescription Circle Lenses are great for Sports?


Having impaired vision should not be obstructive achieving your life goals. True that certain professions require you to have clear and sharp vision but other than these few restrictions; you must not compromise on your dreams. Prescription circle lenses are considered the best prosthetic devices for sports as they liberate you from the mess, glasses would cause you the otherwise.

5 Advantages of Prescription Circle Lenses

  1. No matter whatever the sport is, you can always wear them with every type of headgear.
  2. They do not fog up, or bounce with your movements unlike glasses. You thus can concentrate freely on your activity
  3. Prescription circle lenses can be worn under sunglasses, goggles & protective glasses when you take a tandem jump or dive into the sea for snorkeling.
  4. Glasses can shatter into countless pieces, leading to harmful injuries; whereas prescription circle lenses remain unaffected even if an accident occurs.
  5. Prescription circle lenses ensure enhanced peripheral vision which is a plus for ball games. Glasses on the other hand obstruct peripheral vision due to the frames getting in the way.

Geolica Eyevelyn contacts contain UV filters that do a great job blocking UV rays reaching your eyes, in the field. They also facilitate oxygen permeation that further keep your eyes moist & keep contact lenses comfortable.

Playing Sports: What Type of Prescription Circle Lenses should I Wear?

Choose 1 Day Colorvue Trublends or 1 Day Max Hydrosoft clear lens if; on the other hand, you prefer transparent contacts when playing sport. These daily disposable contact lenses are worn and discarded each day which limits taking care of contacts and going through the pain of carrying your lens case & cleaning it.

Prescription circle lenses are available in a wide variety of designs & colors. Silicone hydrogel lenses should be your choice in case you have sensitive eyes. This advanced material keeps your eyes lubricated. Silicone also limits bacteria adhesion which is yet another convincing point to switch to contacts from glasses for whichever sport you fancy.


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