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Saber Alter Cosplay using Sweety Free Yellow Contacts & Saber Wig

free yellow contacts
The color is so vibrant and it covers really well my brown eyes, the whole design is simple and it fits many different cosplays. These lenses are really bold so I really recommend it for cosplay! The enlargement effect is really good too and as every lenses by Sweety they’re super comfortable! They come with prescription as well.
You can get them HERE.
Saber Wig
The color is totally the same and I love this gorgeous shade of platinum blonde! The only difference is the bangs is really long when you receive it so you need to cut it, but nothing too difficult to do :). I did a pic to show you how it looks like with the bun and without it, for this reason you can easily use it also for other Saber Alter versions without the bun and save up a lot of money! The quality as every wig from Uniqso is amazing, the fiber is really soft at touch and easy to comb.
You can get this wig HERE.