Etiquette of Wearing Kigurumi

Kigurumi onesie makes the perfect sleep-wear. They provide all the warmth and snug that you want to help you fall asleep. Kigurumi can be safely worn in public, however the etiquette of handling the PJs should be considered before you decide to step out in your baggy lazy-animal onesie. Wearing Kigurumi Onesie in Home So… Continue reading Etiquette of Wearing Kigurumi

How to Wear a Kigurumi Onesie with Confidence

Kigurumi onesies are cozy and comfortable, alright. Unfortunately, people may bring you down for your wardrobe choices if you wear a Kigurumi at a public place. These pajamas are actually tad bit childish as teen agers and young children often wear them at slumber parties and at Halloween. Develop an I-don’t-care-attitude if you love wearing… Continue reading How to Wear a Kigurumi Onesie with Confidence