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How to Wear a Kigurumi Onesie with Confidence

Wearing Kigurumi with confidence

Wearing Kigurumi with confidence

Kigurumi onesies are cozy and comfortable, alright. Unfortunately, people may bring you down for your wardrobe choices if you wear a Kigurumi at a public place. These pajamas are actually tad bit childish as teen agers and young children often wear them at slumber parties and at Halloween. Develop an I-don’t-care-attitude if you love wearing these snuggly Kigurumi PJs as an adult. Wearing a kigu character outfit requires confidence. Why on earth should you be missing the snug and comfort of these warm fun onesies when it is affordable, durable & accessible? Wear your Kigurumi onesie with confidence like a boss to win the look!

Confidence is the Key

Kigurumi delivers instant comfort & warmth. It feels like walking in a wrapped blanket. Though many people keep themselves confined to the bedroom when wearing these fun PJs, we recommend wearing them outside to double the joy. Character adult onesies are the famous street wear in Japan for many reasons. Not only they are a statement of their own but they also ease out life by preventing to struggle for a cohesive outfit every day. If you don’t feel confident enough to own your onesie, it is going to be a disaster for you. Try minor public encounters as a part of your training such as leaning over the fence while talking to neighbors in Kigurumi or walking to a nearby shop to collect groceries. Continue & make this a habit until you are confident enough to commute by plain in your favorite Kigurumi!

Everything done with Friends Boost Confidence

Friends wearing Kigurumi

Remember how even a silliest dude in high school would feel confident in the presence of friends? This is called “finding strength in the group”. Convince your friends wear a Kigurumi and make a flashy public appearance at the mart. We bet you won’t mind a few awkward gazes. If someone laughs at you, laugh back.

Make Sure your Kiguurmi has a “Stare Factor”

Kigurumi tail

Wearing ordinary pet printed pajamas is too main stream and may be a bit embarrassing. Who would want to leave an impression that they walking straight out of the bathroom? Kigurumi onesie on the other hand is fun & thrilling. The vast variety and intricate details of the design make it a multipurpose outfit that serves as a street-wear, sleep-wear & even perfect for long-haul flights.

Make sure that your kigurumi has a stop-and-stare factor. Or else otherwise, why would you wear a kigu Pajama? People are going to laugh anyways. Why not give them a concrete reason? Go for the daring Kigus for instance those having a tail or spikes at the back bone. Though sporting a tail is entertaining, keep in mind that it might obstruct some postures.

Take Note of the Exit Hatches in Kigurumi PJs

Kigurumi PJs may catch you in embarrassing situation when you need to pee. Not all kigus come with exit hatches so having to put it off every time you visit bathroom is a mess, especially if you are enjoying a sleep over or when it is a public toilet. Since a kigurumi can’t go up, it has to come down. Why risk flushing down all your built-up confidence by trapping yourself in an embarrassing moment? Some manufacturers are revamping the entire onesie market by producing PJs that come with a zipper opening in the crotch. Yes, you are free to do your thing with peace of mind now.

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