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What are Tinted Contact Lenses?


Clear contact lenses, meant to alter the vision are usually called tinted lenses. They are made tinted by using a very light dye to help you locate them in the contact lens case. The handling tint is either light blue or light green & does not change the color of your eyes. Tinted contact lenses are available in two variants i.e. handling tint & enhancement tint. The other type is opaque colored lenses that are strongly pigmented & actually change your eye color.

Handling Tint Contact Lenses

As mentioned by the name handling tint contacts are clear/transparent lenses that facilitate you locating the lens while it is immersed in the solution. These clear lenses are incapable of altering your eye color and the sole purpose is to correct the refractive index error only. They are also known as visibility tint contacts.

Enhancement Tint Contact lenses

Enhancement tint contact lenses
Sweety BT aqua

These contact lenses enhance your eye color & make it look more appealing without bringing any dramatic change. For instance blue enhancement tint lenses make blue eyes appear more deep & intense. Same goes with the green enhancement tint contacts. You can also use blue enhancement tint contacts to help your green eyes appear aquatic green and vice versa however canโ€™t use enhancement tint contact lenses to turn your brown eyes a lighter color.

Opaque Colored Contact Lenses

opaque contact lenses
Sweety Holy Turquoise

These are the lenses that hold the ability to change your eye color either subtly or completely dramatically. Opaque tinted contacts are available in different degrees of translucency. They are not meant to match your eye color but to change it. Depending upon how strong pigments are used, some opaque lenses are able to blend well for a realistic statement whereas others would mask your original eye color. With opaque contacts it is easier to change brown eyes to neon blue or vivid violet.

Contact lenses should always be purchased respecting the prescription even if they are cosmetic contacts that you are using only for theatrical or decorative purposes. Patients find it easier to obtain their contacts online as it is way easier to compare prices & weight the different alternatives.

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