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Do UV Block Contact Lenses Replace Sun Glasses?

UV contact lenses

Geolica Eyevelyn UV contact lenses

Sunglasses prevent eyes from UV rays but not all sunglasses are created equal. The latest researches reveal that sunglasses alone cannot protect eyes fully. Since sun damage is linked to vision threatening disorders, it is important to take preventative measures. Wearing UV block contact lenses help intercepting the sun rays partially which can be increased to maximum protection possible, when paired with sunglasses.

Why Sunglasses Alone Can’t Help?

UV block contact lenses & glasses

First & foremost sunglasses which are locally available are only tinted glasses. They don’t and cannot intercept UV rays. The only purpose of such glasses is to de-intensify the warmth of the rays reaching down to your eyes. Even sunglasses that are actually manufactured to intercept UV rays are incapable of keeping your eyes completely protected from the expected damage.

Prolong exposure to sun can lead to a photo sensitive condition “photo keratitis”, cataracts, age related macular degeneration & other cumulative disorders. Contact lenses have been here since decades but it is not very long since they started offering UV interception. Contact lenses can be pivotal to ensure sun protection since they cover your entire pupil, unlike glasses that sit at a certain distance.

When wearing sunglasses as the core sun protection measure; keep note that UV rays still continue to hit & enter your eyes from above, below & sides of the frame. These strong ultraviolet rays can burn cornea which make it crucial for you to take an extra measure by layering your iris with UV contact lenses. UV blocking contact lenses fortunately don’t obstruct vision since the UV blocking agent is clear. Geolica Eyevelyn UV contacts offer impressive protection from UV B & UV A rays. They make use of bio compatible silicone hydrogel material that besides correcting vision, offers sun protection for optimal benefits.

The End Note: UV Block Contact Lenses & Sunglasses

If your eyes are already sensitive to Sun, it is mandatory you prevent your eyes from sun damage by wearing both UV blocking contacts & sunglasses. Contact lenses block 10 times less protection than sunglasses but the research study published in 2003 in the journal of Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science concluded that only UV block Contact lenses can offer ultraviolet radiation protection “against all angles of incidence, including the peak-response angle,” “They can also protect the eye in settings in which the wearing of sunglasses is not feasible or convenient.”