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What are most comfortable Contact Lenses Online?

contact lenses online

contact lenses online

Contact lens industry has tremendously evolved in the last decade and we happen to expect the unexpected as we enter into a new decade of technology. Contact lenses are far beyond vision correction prosthetic devices. World has already witnessed glucose monitoring contacts and not far is the day when Innovega will finally reveal its most anticipated product of augmented reality in the form of colored contacts. Surprisingly, despite seeing so much of advancement in contact lens industry, there are patients still struggling to find themselves the most comfortable contact lenses online. We will help you find the right pair of contact lenses online that is cost-effective, comfortable and allows you to upgrade your style statement.

Material Plays an Important Role in Comfort

Soft contact lenses have now become the widely used form of colored lenses. They are made from PolyHEMA water-loving plastic, also known as hydrogels. They absorb water as mentioned by their name to stay supple and moist. When water dries out, they become hard and brittle.

“PolyHEMA is easily fabricated into contact lenses, is relatively cheap to produce, highly flexible, dimensionally stable to changes in pH and temperature and has proved to be a very successful contact lens material.”

The only downside of PolyHema hydrogel contact lenses is their dependence on water to transport oxygen through the material. The more the water, the higher is the oxygen. However, lenses containing high water value are thicker in nature which adversely affect oxygen transport. Since, water has limited ability to dissolve and transport oxygen to the cornea with an approximate oxygen permeability of 80 Dk units, the most comfortable contact lenses online are those made with advanced hybrid material of silicone and hydrogel.

It is important to understand that eyes are the only organ of the body that draws its oxygen from the environment and not from the body. Wearing contact lenses of any type get into the way and block oxygen transmission to cornea as a result of which medical complications like “hypoxia” are observed. Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are considered the most comfortable contact lenses online as silicone is capable of allowing 7 times more oxygen transport to the cornea while locking in the moisture. As a result despite holding low water content, the Dk is significantly improved by wearing silicone hydrogel contact lenses.

Silicone Hydrogel contacts are

  • Thinner than regular hydrogel lenses which further means more oxygen to the cornea.
  • Also the best contact lenses online for sensitive eyes or patients prone to catching allergens. The material is able to repel the accumulation of bacteria which means less product and protein buildup.
  • Silicone hydrogel lenses irritate less, retain more moisture, allows more oxygen, offers UV interception and make great extended wear contacts.

Silicone hydrogel contact lenses first appeared commercially in 1998 and since then have shown tremendous growth, with approximate sales in 2003 of $150 million. Initially developed for the extended wear market, practitioners have embraced the use of such materials for both overnight and daily wear use.”

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