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Can I Wear Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Straight from the Package?

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Daily disposable contact lenses are the most favorite type of lenses among consumers and practitioners due to the benefits they offer in terms of cost-effectiveness and time-management. The best part about daily disposable contact lenses is the convenience they provide over other types of contact lenses. It limits the usage of lens care products & require zero maintenance that most of the patients find convincing enough to switch to daily disposables. Daily disposable contact lenses are safe to be worn straight from the packaging unless your doctor suggest you otherwise.

How long can I Wear Daily Disposable Contact Lenses?

They are meant for a single use. Once you peel open the seal and wear your lenses you can wear them freely for 8-10 hours. Consider them expired and wasted after you take them off. Make sure you do not confuse daily disposable contact lenses with daily wear contact lenses that are meant for multiple uses.

Can I Reuse Daily Disposable Contact Lenses?

In your best favor, we recommend you not to. Disposable lenses are made from a material that does not have a matrix to resist bacteria, product build up and protein debris. They are the most comfortable lenses to date due to the material they are made from. Unlike monthly replacement lenses they are thinner hence more breathable. Since daily disposable contact lenses are fragile, attempting to stretch the span increases the risk of infections. Rinsing and scrubbing daily disposable contact lenses lead them to falling apart in your eyes which may horrendously damage your cornea.

Daily disposables are available in bulk supply– usually 15 pairs, making it easier for you to continue with your life chores at a busy morning. Just pop open a fresh pair every day and get set going!

Note: You can safely use rewetting eye drops to make them even more comfortable particularly if you suffer from dry eyes due to prolong screen time or an unhealthy tear chemistry. Do not forget to discard the lenses before going to bed or get yourself extended wear contact lenses instead.