daily disposable contact lenses

Daily contact lenses are reusable disposable contact lenses that need daily cleaning & disinfection. They last from 2 weeks to up to a month. Daily contact lenses and daily disposable contact lenses are used interchangeably but this is where patients go wrong. Daily contact lenses are meant to be worn during day and must be taken off at night. Unlike Air Optix Night & Day Aqua they are not approved for extended wear hence you cannot sleep wearing them. On the other hand, daily disposable contact lenses are meant for single day use and must be discarded once you take them off.

Can I Reuse Daily Disposable Contact Lenses the Other Day?

Most of the patients would risk their vision just to save a few bucks. There is an increased need of awareness that contact lenses are medical devices no matter what type they are. It is crucial to follow manufacturer’s instructions otherwise you may go blind. Every year a million eye infections are reported in US alone and mostly due to contact lenses. You will be surprised to find out, that it is not about the contact lenses that lead to the vision threatening infections but negligence of customers, poor handling and above all trying to push the span of contact lenses even further after they have already expired.

Daily disposable contact lenses are meant from a thinner material that keep them the most comfortable. They are prone to damage. They break down after a single use & are not able to withstand scrubbing required during routine disinfection of the lenses. The material of the daily disposable contact lenses is not able to repel bacterial contamination. Hence is why, daily disposable contact lenses should be discarded right away after the single use – it depends if you decide to wear daily disposable contact lenses for 10 hours or 1 hour. Once you take them off, they will not be going back in your eyes!

Okay, What about Daily Contact Lenses? How many Times I can reuse them?

Although disposable, daily contact lenses will last you up to 14 days to 1 month. They can be worn every day for 8 hours and still be comfortable. Daily contact lenses are made from a complex woven matrix bonded from layers of synthetic material. The material prevent normal product buildup, protein adhesion & bacterial accumulation that is inevitable with daily disposable contact lenses. Daily contact lenses or daily wear contact lenses are engineered to withstand daily cleaning, rinsing & disinfection without them breaking down.

Daily disposable contact lenses are available in a pack of 15 pairs where you pop open a fresh pair every day. On the other hand, daily contact lenses come in a pack of 3 pairs (Bi-weekly) and 1 pair (Monthly). Talk to your eye doctor if you are stuck in making the right choice between daily disposable contact lenses and daily contact lenses.

Want contact lenses you can use for up to a period of 30 days and nights without going through the mess of disinfecting them every night? Try extended wear contact lenses. They are aimed at people needing strong vision correction. The lenses help them waking up every day with improved visual acuity where they no longer need to twiddle their table every morning in an attempt to finding their bulky glasses.