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Which Eye Color Is The Most Attractive? Do You Have It?

Have you ever thought of which eye color is the most attractive?

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” -Sophia Loren.

There is an ancient saying that beauty is relative and that it is in the eye of the beholder to decide what constitutes attractiveness. But what if, at least metaphorically, the beauty was in the eye of the beholder?

Nowadays, people make snap judgments about potential romantic partners based on a handful of photographs, thanks to internet dating applications.

However, recent studies suggest that the color of your eyes may also have a little impact on how beautiful you are.

Do you ever find yourself wondering the factors that contribute to certain eye hues being perceived as so appealing?

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What Is The Most Attractive Eye Color?

The eyes are universally regarded as one of the fascinating aspects of a person’s face. Moreover, the hue of one’s eyes is only one example of how different they might be from person to person. 

The pupil size is controlled by the iris, the colored part of the eye. The color, shape, and overall look of a person’s eyes are all unique.

Many of us care about the color of our eyes, whether our own or those of our partners or loved ones.

Previous studies revealed that brighter irises attract more attention than darker ones, and further studies confirmed that blue and green eyes are the most scientifically beautiful. 

Let’s identify which eye color men and women find most appealing:

Most Attractive Eye Colour in Males

which eye color is the most attractive in male

According to the research conducted by Lenstore, the color blue was deemed the most appealing eye color for men, resulting in 47 out of 173 total matches (or 27.17 percent). 

The color brown came in second place, receiving 21.97 percent of the votes, followed by green, 16.76 percent, hazel, 15.03 percent, and black, 10.98 percent. 

The worst score, 8.09 percent of all matches, went to the hue purple, which does not exist in nature, so it cannot be a possibility.

Most Attractive Eye Colour in Females

which eye color is the most attractive in female

The most desirable eye color for women is hazel. Women’s preferences for the most appealing eye color were drastically different. According to research, 20.19% (65 out of 322) of the total matches had hazel eyes.

The number of purple matches was somewhat lower than the total but still a respectable 19.88%.

Black eyes got 17.7% of matches, blue eyes got 17.39%, and brown eyes got 13.35%.

It reflects the fact that these hues are more commonly associated with men. Regarding compatibility, people with green eyes were the least likely to find a match.

Rare Eye Colors

The fact that just 2% of the population has green eyes contributes to the widespread belief that persons with this trait are more attractive.

There is a large variation from one place to the next in terms of the percentage of persons with green eyes.

In Northern and Central Europe, green eyes are far more common than brown eyes; in Scotland, for example, an estimated 29% of residents have green eyes, whereas just 14% have brown eyes.

Like Iceland, over 90% of women and 87% of men have blue or green eyes. Despite the negative connotations of “the green-eyed monster,” its unusual hue is often considered unique.

How Can You Get The Most Attractive Eye Colors?

A color that cannot be seen by natural eyes and can only be produced using colored contact lenses. All of Uniqso’s colored lenses are stunning. Find the right one for you, and let your inner beauty shine!

Final Verdict

However, the distance between your eyes is also a sign of your beauty, so skin tone is not the only factor. 

However, this does not mean that persons with wide-set or close-set eyes are never considered attractive. For example, Camilla Belle is commonly seen as lovely even though her eyes are considered somewhat close together.

Everyone’s eyes are different and can’t be duplicated. If you don’t like your natural eye color, you may easily change it using colored contact lenses.

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