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Add WOW Factor to your Light Eyes with Dolly Colored Contacts

Dolly colored contact lenses

Dolly colored contact lenses

Nobody could have put it this beautifully as Audrey Hepburn has, โ€œThe beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love residesโ€. Your eyes are a reflection of your personality. Keeping them well-groomed, piercing yet meaningful is what going to help you cross the pathways in life. Circle lenses help you modify your personal style without having to invest huge. Keep notice not all colored contacts are created equal. For creating an illusion of dolly appearance, large and doe-shaped eyes; your contact lenses must have the following traits.

3 Things to Look for in Colored Contacts


Sweety Nudy Ice grey

Always go for translucent colored contacts. Translucency is the factor that decides whether you want to pull off an overly dramatic look or a subtle appearance. Colored contacts that hold opaque pigments may be appropriate for personality transformations as required for cosplays & mimicry. They however, do not yield appreciable results when it is about sprucing up your everyday casual look.

Translucent colored contacts blend flawlessly against light colored eyes and look like a true color whilst accentuating your peepers.

2.Limbal Ring

Colored contacts EOS ADULT II

Though size of the colored contacts plays a pivotal role in faking a dolly-eye enlargement, the significance of limbal ring is undeniable. A pronounced outer ring makes you look youthful as it is the most prominent in infants which gradually fades as you age. Colored contacts with limbal ring make you look younger & innocent with larger looking iris.

3.Color Gradation & Pupil Hole

Lens Story Cara green colored contacts

Though pupil hole is completely a personal preference, colored contacts with smaller holes are usually preferable. Color gradation should be subtle for natural looks. Contact lenses that carry crisp & sharp color combinations with edgy transitions may not be very promising to concoct a sultry everyday look.

Create an eye-catching look with colored contacts that best suit your style. The pointers discussed above are just the guidelines to help you select circle lenses that define your style by adding allure & glamour and that too without crossing the boundary line.

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