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Can anyone Safely Wear Costume Contact Lenses?

costume contact lenses

costume contact lenses

Costume contact lenses are a meaningful addition that provide an incredible dimension to your costume. They are available in perplexing designs & unimaginable color combinations. Costume contact lenses are the spirit of Halloween and fancy dress show. No matter how considerable amount you have spent preparing your costume; without sporting an appropriate pair, your efforts of performing in a costume play might go down the drain. Costume contact lenses are safe to wear provided you purchase them from a reputable source & have a valid prescription at hand.

Why Obtaining a Prescription is Necessary for Costume Contact Lenses?

costume contact lenses

Costume contact lenses are not random party supplies. They are regulated by FDA and are classified as medical devices. Even if your costume contact lenses do not hold a power to correct vision; you must have a valid prescription, obtained from a certified eye care professional. Decorative contacts work just the way your standard colored contact lenses work. The only difference is the opaque pigmentation. Instead of creating softer looks by blending into your original eye color, costume contact lenses mask it completely to give your iris a completely eerie appearance. Depending on the requirement of your costume, these novelty contacts can be chosen to either only cover your iris (colored part) or your eyes completely (including the whiter parts).

Costume lenses are less likely to be available in prescription. However; when available, prescription crazy lenses can be slightly more expensive than the non-prescription counterparts. In case you have complex vision correction needs or you have sensitive eyes, please consult your eye care practitioner before inserting a pair of crazy costume lenses. Some of the crazy designs may obstruct vision such as screen lenses, split pupil designs & sclera contacts.

Always remember, regardless of being certified & safe; costume contact lenses may cause discomfort just for any reason. Thus; when in doubt, take out. Contact lenses that are not KFDA approved, could be made from the materials that have not been tested on human eyes. This may lead to gross consequences such as losing your vision permanently. You got only one pair of eyes, so being a daredevil & trusting just every other supplier on the internet has its havoc maintained.

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