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Ditch your Glasses for 3D Movie- Wear Contact Lenses

3D glasses on top of glasses
3D glasses on top of glasses. Ditch glasses with contact lenses
Ditch glasses with contact lenses to maintain visual acuity and get the best from 3D glasses

As ridiculous as it sounds, it is nearly impossible to enjoy a 3D movie to its full potential with your vision correcting glasses. Life is fortunately not unfair in every case, not at least in this case. You don’t need to let go of the fun but of your grotesque glasses that are keeping you annoyed half the time fidgeting. Since watching a 3D movie requires you to wear specialised 3D glasses to help register the illusion of depth in your brain, it is important for patients with myopia and hyperopia to replace their regular vision correcting glasses with contact lenses to maintain visual acuity.

Try Daily Disposable Clear Contact Lenses

Although colored contacts with prescription have been a choice of many, there are some patients for whom the idea of colored contacts do not really work well. If in case you are unable to wear contacts in the long run, you can grab a couple of clear contact lenses to wear occasionally. Clear contacts go unnoticed in your eyes. All they do is correct your vision creating an ideal situation for patients needing vision correction without bringing any noticeable change in their appearance. Wearing contacts in cinema while watching a 3D movie provides freedom from glasses and let you put on your 3D glasses for an optimal experience. 3D glasses do not impact vision but rather help each eye to see the special different images.

Some patients play around the tricks until they find a solution they could settle for despite being it uncomfortable. For instance either they would wear 3D glasses over their regular glasses which cuts half of the fun or they would try sticking the 3D frames over their prescription glasses to maintain both visual acuity and 3D experience. If you have prescription contact lenses, you would wish to try them when watching a 3D movie. Contact lenses help you enjoy every bits of your favorite IMAX RealD 3D to the fullest without bugging you even once. Patients with dry eye syndrome or prone to digital eye syndrome can alleviate their concerns using eye drops aimed at reducing the strain.

Are Contact Lenses Compatible with 3D?

YES! Contact lenses have no impact on how your brain manipulates the images shown on the screen to create a 3D dimensional image. This is done by your 3D glasses. It is very easy to wear 3D over contact lenses. The only patients facing the problem would be those with a lazy eye. It occurs because brain tends to ignore the weak eye or lazy eye due to poor vision and as a result you lose the perception of depth. For such patients, watching a 3D movie is more about nausea and dizziness than fun & thrill. Schedule an eye exam if you notice lack of binocular vision.

Try silicone hydrogel contact lenses that are made from an advanced material. These contacts are more breathable, hydrating & comfortable. They are able to retain moisture that keep them hydrated in your eyes. They are ideal for 2D and 3D experience as smart cutting edge aspheric design ensures focused vision with increased depth and greater image resolution. Are you yet to watch The LionKing 2? Try it with silicone hydrogel lenses and thank us later!