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Ditch your Glasses for 3D Movie- Wear Contact Lenses

Are contact lenses compatible with 3D? Today, UNIQSO will discuss this topic. Let’s get started!

3D technology is already pretty common. It is mostly used in movie theaters to make the experience feel more real. It’s not always possible to avoid watching a film in 3D if you go to the theater. In the case of 3D, certain films are created specifically for the medium.

If you use glasses to correct your eyesight, it will be extremely difficult for you to see a 3D movie to the fullest extent possible. This may sound ridiculous. 

You don’t have to give up the good time; you have to ditch the awful eyewear that causes you so much discomfort. Myopic and hyperopic patients should switch to contact lenses in place of their usual spectacles to retain visual acuity when watching 3D movies, as the use of 3D glasses is necessary for the brain to detect the illusion of depth.

Are contact lenses compatible with 3D? Today, UNIQSO will discuss this topic. Let’s get started!

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Can You Wear 3D Glasses Over Eyeglasses? (Is It Bad for You?)

There has been a rise in the number of 3D screenings of recent blockbusters, particularly action movies. Because of the immersive experience that 3D movies provide, they have recently gained popularity.

For people who already need corrective lenses, adding 3D glasses might require some effort. The question now is, what should you do if you already wear glasses?

The use of 3D glasses at a movie theater is only sometimes harmful. Wearing them over your prescription glasses poses the danger of damaging them, so take care. As you watch the clip, you’ll see that it’s not your glasses at fault.

Your spectacles won’t get in the way of your 3D glasses, but it’s not recommended that you do so. But before we look for a remedy, let’s figure out what the issue is. Continue reading to learn what you can do with a 3D movie.

How does 3D Glass Work?

Understanding how our eyes process 3D pictures is fundamental to the science behind 3D glasses. Many methods exist for sending 3D signals to a display device like a television or movie screen. If your TV or projector supports more than one sort of 3D encoding, an inbuilt decoder will automatically switch to the correct format.

When a 3D image is sent to a screen, the brain sends signals to each eye at different times. In contrast, these visuals tend to blur together when projected on a screen. 3D glasses are necessary for the image to be more coherent and intelligible. These glasses either divide the light source so that each eye gets a different offset picture or filter the image so that it is shifted somehow.

The left and right lenses of a pair of 3D glasses have different functions, tricking the brain into perceiving two different pictures. The final product is a mind-blowing 3D mental picture. When one eye does not work with the other, depth perception suffers. This implies that the 3D effect will be lost if you close one of your eyes during viewing.


Alternatives to Conventional 3D Glasses

The theater’s provided 3D glasses aren’t your only option; there are many more out there. The theaters-provided glasses are usually low-quality and will either not fit your face well or shatter easily.

If you don’t want to follow convention, consider these alternatives:

  • Customized 3D glasses with a prescription.
  • Glasses with a clip-on design.
  • Contact Lens.

Are Contact Lenses Compatible with 3D?

Are you wondering if your contact lenses will work with your 3D Screens?

The obvious response to the question is “YES.” Both cosmetic lenses and corrective contact lenses are suitable. Watching a 3D movie while sporting circle lenses is completely fine; the experience will be the same as if you were not wearing any contact lenses at all. 

If you wear glasses to correct your eyesight, you may have trouble seeing a 3D film; however, if you wear contact lenses, you won’t have this problem. If you want to view 3D movies in peace and comfort, try wearing circle glasses.

Squints, commonly known as lazy eyes or strabismus, are the sole condition that may cause difficulty using 3D technology. If your eyes aren’t aligned properly, your brain won’t be able to form accurate 3D representations.

The theaters have been updated to support 3D technology, and now anyone using contact lenses may fully appreciate the immersive experience.

Only by giving it a try for yourself can you determine if you are a good fit for 3D technology. Some individuals still prefer the old-school method of watching movies on a flat screen even though 3D technology is all the rage.


Personal Prescription 3D Glasses 

Many individuals have placed orders for their own 3D glasses as the trend toward viewing 3D content at home has gained traction. With corrective eyewear, the same applies. Ask your optometrist how to get your hands on a pair of prescription 3D glasses.

Optics 3D is a great place to look if you know your prescription. To view available choices and prices, browse their catalog. Learn more about where and how to get these eyewear accessories.

Clip on Lenses

Clip-on lenses are available as an alternative to full-frame 3D glasses for those who want a more subtle appearance. If you seldom see movies in 3D, this is a fantastic alternative. You can easily convert any pair of glasses into 3D glasses by purchasing a clip-on lens.

The typical price range for clip-on 3D glasses is $5 to $13. Clip them on top of your eyewear, and then fold them down. You won’t have to worry about wearing two pairs of glasses or experiencing discomfort while watching the film.


You can always use contact lenses if you’re not satisfied with the other solutions presented. Using the theater’s 3D glasses is convenient if you use contacts, and you won’t have to shell out extra cash for prescription glasses.

Contact lenses are only sometimes the greatest solution, especially if you hate wearing them, but they’re worth considering. If you use contacts, you should always double-check with your insurance company to be sure you’ll be covered. 

UNIQSO is the place to go if you need contact lenses for a particular type. They have one-of-a-kind contacts of high quality that are affordable.

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