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Fears about Buying Colored Lenses Online: Smart Shopping Tips

colored contact lenses

colored contact lenses

People resort to online sources when buying colored lenses. They are cost-effective, durable & long-lasting. With proper care & hygiene some lenses stay good from a couple of months to a year. Although colored lenses are easily available in discounter shops such as Walmart & Costco that you can even choose and order online; they require you to provide a handwritten prescription from your eye doctor that causes delay in processing your order.

Fear 1: Online Retailers sell Poor Quality Colored Lenses

While this may be true, not all retailers are involved in shady practices. When choosing a retailer online, make sure you read customer reviews, check third party ratings & go through sellerโ€™s return/refund & exchange policy carefully. This is the reason why contact lenses sold online are cheaper than your ECPโ€™s yet high quality .

Fear 2: You need Prescription to buy your Colored Lenses

Although having prescription at hand is good for your own health, by no law you are barred from buying contact lenses without prescription. Online retailers allow you to enter your prescription and buy contact lenses without actually having to get it confirmed from your ECP. This fasten the process & you are processed & shipped your package from one continent to another in just a matter of 3-5 business days.

Fear 3: Buying Contact Lenses Online triggers Infections

Completely wrong. If you have managed to find a reputable seller, you are covered. Make sure you are diligently handling contacts & cleaning them meticulously. Reputable sellers stock ISO certified & CE approved lenses. They do the homework for your safety so that you donโ€™t have to.

Fear 4: Buying Contact Lenses Online is Slow & Tedious Process.

Partially true. Small home based contact lens retailers might take ages to process your order. Most of them do not even have ready stock available & they place order with manufacturer only after you place an order with them. Even if they stock lenses, it is just the limited collection of the famous powers. On the other hand, reputable sellers have huge inventory, monstrous collection of products in even uncommon prescriptions. They ship out orders as early as possibly & usually the processing duration is not more than 24-48 hours. This time frame is provided so that the customer could make changes/cancel their order if something make them change their mind later.

Fear 5: Online Sellers Discourage visiting an Eye Doctor

Unlike buying lenses from your ECP, you donโ€™t need to get an eye exam every time you plan to order contacts online. As a contact lens seller, we strictly recommend to get a thorough eye exam every once in a while even if you wear cosmetic lenses. An eye exam is actually responsible to detect not only the level of vision correction you require but an innumerable of other diseases that remain silent such as glaucoma, diabetes & high blood pressure.

You can request your eye doctor to provide you the copy of your prescription so that you choose from where you buy your contacts.