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How safe it is to Remove Blackheads using a Peel off Mask?

Peel off Black Mask

Peel off Black Mask

Peel off masks are all the rage these days. Although peel off masks have existed for a decade but what made them go viral is a new variation that uses activated charcoal to reveal a radiant, even & smooth skin. Peel off masks have countless benefits but people mainly get them for “pulling off black heads” and the disgusting gunk off their skin. As with anything new & developing, there are risks associated; so here is a brief read if you should be getting yourself a charcoal black peel off mask.

What are Black Heads & White Heads?

Black and white heads are pretty most the same thing. They are a form of acne and develop when your skin pores are clogged. Although both of them vary in appearance, they both are formed due to oil clogged in your pores. Oily skin is more to it since it produces excess oil and skin on its does not expel the oil out. As a result the pores are clogged leaving your skin with either a clear/yellowish bulb like formation trapped under your skin or pores trapping black tiny hair like structure.

What makes Black Heads Differ from White Heads?

White head is blocked pore with a closed head whereas black head has a stretched opening. It appears black because it traps oil, bacteria, dust & other pollutants from skin.

How to Prevent Black Heads?

One answer. Focus on strengthening your skin mantle. It is the outer most lipid layer that actually forms a protective barrier and keep your skin healthy. It prevents your skin from harmful environmental aggressors, chemicals in your skin care product & works to keep your skin maintain its oil-moisture balance. When you pay less attention towards it, it breaks down; allowing bacteria, UV rays & irritants make their way into your skin. As a result your skin loses its hydration, feel brittle & thin, leaving your pores enlarged and hence black heads are formed. Although you can extract black heads by squeezing method, white heads seem tough & stubborn.

Peel off Charcoal Mask is the Trendy yet Effective Solution

Yeppen Charcoal mask

Jumping on the bandwagon is not always risky. Charcoal has long been used for its medicinal properties. It is even used to help drawing toxins out from the body and ancient people would use it to treat drug abuse. Charcoal has abilities to penetrate deep into your skin and it pulls off the hidden gunk including white heads & black heads dramatically. With the first application; you find your skin firmer, glowing, clear & even. Black charcoal peel off masks with regular use make your skin appear youthful as charcoal is known for its antioxidant properties. It also eradicates ugly sheen that oily skin is infamous for. It helps reducing signs of ageing such as fine line & wrinkles & keep your complexion radiant.

As it takes out impurities, your enlarged pores get back to the original size. Did you know it is actually excess sebum that settles around the base of your pores leaving them enlarged when skin fails to expel it out? Charcoal mask will be the best thing happening to you in case you bear oily skin.

Get yourself portable, travel friendly & nourishing Yeppen black head removal charcoal mask. Containing bentonite, Kaolin clay & charcoal powder; the mask soothes, eliminate waste & nourish your skin as it kills bacteria, tightens pores & controls sebum production.