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Why Colored Lenses sold in Stores are Expensive?

online colored contacts

online colored contacts

If you are a resident of North America or Europe, it is an established fact that you rarely get great deals on conventional colored contact lenses in your local stores. On the other hand buying colored lenses online is not only convenient but also cheaper. This might get you into thinking if colored lenses sold online are less reliable or even safe to wear in comparison with lenses bought via your ECP (eye care practitioner). We will get into details later but let us assure you that most of the online retailers (well-established & reputable) deal only in CE certified & ISO approved lenses. Obviously, without proper certification & trust building from customers, they wouldn’t have been able to come this far.

Why Local Stores can’t sell you Cheap Contacts?

Simple, it is because manufacturers deter sellers from offering discount on the popular brands. To keep generating higher revenue, all the 4 contact lens tycoon manufacturers observe “price floors” on the latest and famous brands which in turn push consumers to pay more on the contact lenses than what they worth.

How to Buy Cheap yet Quality Contact Lenses?

There are bricks and mortar stores such as Costco & Walmart that offer contact lenses both online and in store. They offer discount prices on not-so-famous brands of contact lenses that come available in daily, weekly & monthly replacement schedule. Unfortunately finding conventional colored contacts that are sold in vials or blisters (individual packing) than box packing remain an unsolved riddle. We are sorry to burst your bubble but selling colored lenses with 12 months wearable duration is not allowed by law in US and contiguous states. Although you may get some options in colors but they can’t be even remotely compared with colored contacts available via international online sellers in terms of opacity, design, vibrancy & pigmentation.

Manufacturers of contact lenses such as Alcon, Bausch & Lamb, Cooper Vision & Johnsons & Johnsons are eager to please eye care doctors since they write prescriptions as per what the manufacturer wants to push in the market. Sometimes eye doctors enjoy a due share of profit upon recommending their products to a certain number of patients. This however makes a dent in the pocket of consumer as the entire process is responsible to elevate the prices.

So, Buying Colored Lenses Online is the Last Option?

No. It should be your first choice. Save yourself from all the hassle & tedious process of ordering your contacts via your ECP. Online sellers always offer you the hottest deals due to the growing competition in the market. They import contacts from South Korea that means the manufacturers are the same which makes the competition even more intense. It keeps the prices under control & consumers enjoy the most benefits.

Although some online retailers ask you to provide a legit prescription, not all retailers will push you to grab one. We suggest you always have a prescription at hand but ordering contact lenses online needs to be hassle free & quick. Stores that require hand written prescription to process your order may take longer to ship your order as they have to get it validated by contacting your ECP.

It’s a better idea to browse through online websites while still lying comfortably in your couch. You can enjoy great deals, bundle packages, BOGO & other promotional offers. Online retailers are also known to provide the best seasonal sales so that you save more. This does not influence the quality though. Moreover, the prices stay lower because online sellers do not have to pay taxes & bills nor they have to maintain a huge number of working staff.

Buying colored lenses online could get you the same ISO approved quality for just $20 that last you a year. This is roughly quarter of what you would pay otherwise. Although online retailers offer great discount, not all of them are created equal. Make sure you do your research before trusting any online supplier with your credit card, bank details & other confidential information.

Here is how to keep yourself covered when buying colored lenses online.