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Important Tips on Maintaining Cosplay Costumes

cosplay costumes vocaloid

cosplay costumes vocaloid

Cosplay costumes probably take the most space in your home, particularly if you sew them from scratch yourself. You can always get ready made costumes that are not only cheaper but also easier to maintain. Washing cosplay costumes require you to be well versed if the fabric is delicate and adorned with hand embellishment. Though taking it to dry-cleaner could prevent shrinkage, it will no more stay in the mint condition. It is important to treat your heavy & expensive costumes at home yourself because its only you understand the pain of constructing a costume to a long length of time.

Deodorizing Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay outfits that come with multiple layers and tight seams around waist and armpits may smell foul. Having to wear a heavy costume especially when the weather is not very favorable may leave your outfit soiled & grimed. You must be very careful about deodorizing your costumes before storing it back.

Treating with Vodka

In most stores cleaning voda is kept in the lowest rack. It is cheapest and never meant for human consumption. The bacteria in vodka help clearing up the bad smell that lingers under the seams of any outfit. Within few hours the germs stinking the garment will be killed. Keep in mind vodka does not have a cleaning effect so you might have to wash it separately in order to treat spot or stains.

Spot Cleaning Cosplay Costumes

With instant stain removers you have an option to spot treat your expensive costumes. They are available in compact sizes (like a pen) that are easy to carry in your pocket while you are on the go. Washing clothes weakens the yarns thus it is advised to spot fix a stain rather than washing the complete garment.

Air Drying Cosplay Costumes

It is a no brainer that heat destroys the fabric. It causes a dress to wear off & lose its shine. In order to keep your cosplay outfits new, let them air dry. Costumes with woollen details must never be hanged or else they will lose the shape. Wash them in gentle & cold cycle and lay them flat on absorbing towels for air- drying.

Dry Cleaning vs Handwashing

Although dry cleaning comes handy but the harsh chemicals may leave your garment look old & ragged. If you have to have it dry-cleaned, better ask them to not iron it. They may not be very accustomed to dealing with vintage or character specific costumes. You better understand the seam pattern so ironing at home should be preferred. Cotton and linen garments should only be hand washed or machine washed in a gentle cycle.

Washing Cosplay Accessories

Cosplay accessories such as stockings, chemises, under sleeves, neck stocks and undergarments can be machine-washed and dried. Throw all your clothing accessories and briefs into a pillowcase and toss it off in washer.

It is important to store your garments mindfully besides following a regular maintenance in order to keep them looking new. Donning a costume carefully and then a soft approach on cleaning, handling and storing your cosplay costumes will undoubtedly deliver a pleasant result.

Ready made cosplay costumes are less expensive than homemade. The manufacturer has it treated and finished already so you don’t have to worry about shrinkage. Ready made costumes are sturdy with an impressive inseam margin. They are closest to the character’s thus help you register yourself before audience as a new being.