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Safety First: Non-Prescription Contacts for Halloween

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Non-prescription contacts
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Non-prescription contacts come in variety of colors & designs. They are just like your standard prescription contacts- except being able to affect your vision. Non-prescription contacts are enjoyed by both men & women alike โ€“ mostly, for the cosmetic purposes. Keep in mind, non- prescription colored contacts are considered medical devices as per FDA & you should treat them the same way you handle your prescription lenses.

Why Wear Non-Prescription Contacts?

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People who desire to change their eye color are most likely to sport cosmetic contact lenses. They are available in enhancement & opaque tints. Depending on the intensity of the color change effect you prefer; you can choose between the two. If you wish to accentuate your original eye color; enhancement tint lenses are for you. On the other hand, if you wish to completely change your eye color, you should certainly grab a pair of opaque contacts with strong pigmentation.

Non-Prescription Contacts/ Decorative or Novelty Contacts

non-prescription contacts for HALLOWEEN

Decorative contact lenses are often known as novelty contacts. These contacts are specifically designed for costume parties, Halloween & theatrical events. These lenses carry unusual designs that mimic certain movie characters, wild animals or fictional beings from famous TV series. Bear in mind, decorative contacts vary drastically in prices. From costing you a few bucks to causing your hefty wallet go skimp; these lenses may risk you permanent vision loss. It is important you pay attention to where you are buying your contacts from. Beauty salons, flea markets & Halloween stalls may have your favorite crazy non-prescription contacts at a gift-price but they run the risk of fatal and irrevocable damages to your vision. Never take non-prescription contacts a joke. Since substandard, over the counter cosmetic lenses cause you injuries, it is always a good idea to play safe.

How to Safely Wear Non-Prescription Contacts?

Visit a doctor. Hands down. If you have been thinking you donโ€™t need a doctor for non-prescription contacts; you are wrong. Before being able to insert anything in your eyes it is very important you get your eyes checked by a doctor to see if you are the right candidate of contact lenses. Some eyes are too sensitive to bear any external agent. Some eyes malfunction by either producing a dirty tear film or by producing too little quantity of tears, required to keep your lenses floating.

Last but not the least; non-prescription contacts are not toys. Contact lenses should always be a result of thorough research & understanding. Never buy contacts on the spur of a moment. Always read third party reviews or follow the word-of-mouth. Buying contacts from a reputable company may cost you a little more than usual but this guarantees your eyes remain unharmed & vision unaffected!