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Why Obtaining Prescription is Necessary before Obtaining Contact Lenses?


As per American food & drug authority “contact lenses” are medical devices that should not be sold without a prescription. This is to create awareness among consumers that contact lenses are not a child’s play hence should only be resorted to, after achieving a prescription by an authorized eye care professional. Though contact lenses seem harmless soft disks of plastic, they may cause abrasions if the wrong sizes are chosen. Whether you live in United States or outside, we strongly recommend you to obtain a prescription before you look further.

Can anyone Wear Contact Lenses?

Yes, everyone can wear contact lenses unless is diagnosed with certain medical conditions that restrict wearing contact lenses. People with dry eye syndrome may feel a growing discomfort with contact lenses which fortunately, they can improve by using over the counter artificial tear drops. In case of surgeries, abrasions or infections, it is best recommended in your favor to avoid contact lenses until your eyes fully recover.

Can I Choose Manufacturer by Myself?

Yes. You should be able to choose contact lenses’ brand & model after achieving a formal prescription. The Fairness to Contact Lens Consumer Act, forces ophthalmologists to provide a copy of prescription immediately after they have been fitted for them. This is to provide freedom of choices to patients whether they are looking for contact lenses to correct the impaired vision or for changing the eye color.

Acquiring a prescription is a plus only if you know how to read it. Keep in mind that prescription of glasses must not be confused with the prescription of contact lenses- Since glasses rest at the distance of 12mm from your eyes where contact lenses float directly on the cornea. This is how you read your prescription of contact lenses. Contact your eye doctor if things remain unclear for first hand medical advice.

Are Prescription Contact Lenses Expensive?

Not necessarily. There are several other factors involved deciding the cost of the contact lenses. They may vary from brand to brand & sizes. To get the best prices, you may have a look at online sellers. Contact lenses are sold cheaply online due to the rising competition. The availability of discount codes & seasonal promotional offers further help cutting down the costs.  Online sellers also throw freebies to make the complete package even exciting. Grab a free cute lens kit & or lens drops on every purchase of upto $30 at UNIQSO