Fancy Violet Eyes? Try EOS Fay Violet

EOS fay violet closeup

Its fun wearing circle lenses with unique colors that usually don’t occur in human eyes. Unworldly eye colors make you stand out from the crowd and thus you stay in the limelight. If eyes are the feature you want to draw attention to; try EOS Fay violet contacts. These lenses mask your original eye color… Continue reading Fancy Violet Eyes? Try EOS Fay Violet

EOS Fay Contact Lenses

EOs fay blue and fay grey

EOS contact lenses are translucent enough to blend with your eye color yet strongly pigmented to leave an impact. EOS contact lenses stand out loud against brown eyes yet look natural. EOS fay blue circle lenses make your eyes shine. The realistic design help you create an illusion of dolly eyes. They are comfortable to… Continue reading EOS Fay Contact Lenses

Faking Heterochromia with #Uniqso2coloredeyes

Heterochromia is currently trending with people trying 2 different colored of the lenses. It is a  rare eye condition which causes a patient to have two different colored of eyes but it is only contracted genetically. People believe this rare genetic disorder looks mysterious so they fake it using colored contact lenses. The fun part… Continue reading Faking Heterochromia with #Uniqso2coloredeyes