EOS Fay Contact Lenses

EOs fay blue and fay grey

EOS contact lenses are translucent enough to blend with your eye color yet strongly pigmented to leave an impact. EOS contact lenses stand out loud against brown eyes yet look natural. EOS fay blue circle lenses make your eyes shine. The realistic design help you create an illusion of dolly eyes. They are comfortable to… Continue reading EOS Fay Contact Lenses

Why are EOS Contact Lenses so famous?

EOS contact lenses offer stable vision correction, comfort & ethereal designs in realistic color combinations that add a fancy pop to your eyes. The wettability of these lenses keep them moist & your eyes hydrated. They are known to compliment whatever skin tone you have. Available in soft hues, EOS contact lenses match every style… Continue reading Why are EOS Contact Lenses so famous?