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3 Basic Contact Lens Accessories Everyone Should Have

plunger contact lens accessories

If you frequently use color contact lenses for vision correction or accessorizing purposes, we are sure that you will appreciate these three basic contact lens accessories. Rest assured that they perfectly pair with contacts too. Contact lens accessories make it easier to handle, wear, rinse, and store contact lenses.

However, it can be quite overwhelming when choosing the most functional accessories. This is because you want to ensure that it does its job without harming your eyes. Accessories usually range from travel kits to rinsing solutions, eye drops, and even contact lens plunger.

As promised, we will break down the three basic contact lens accessories every user should own. They are absolutely useful and crucial for eye safety. Keep scrolling for the 411.

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Picking the RIGHT Type of Contact Lens Accessories

About 143 million people around the world regularly use contact lenses. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), failing to adopt proper hygiene procedures when handling contact lenses can lead to an infectious breakout or even premature blindness.

Believe it or not, this affects at least one out of 500 people per year alone in the United States. Can you imagine what the worldwide statistics are? This is why we believe that choosing your contact lens accessories carefully will help you with maintaining proper eye cleanliness.

1. Contact Lens Plunger or Handler

A contact lens plunger is one of the most critical basic contact lens accessories required to wear contact lenses safely. The main purpose of a contact lens plunger or handler is to limit the contact between your fingers and the lenses themselves. Why? Simply because they are known as the secondary cause of bacteria infection.

Contact Lens Plunger or Handler

Although it is crucial to wash your hands frequently with water and soap prior to touching your contact lenses, this handler will minimize the direct contact between the lenses and your hands, therefore reducing the risks of contamination.

2. Rohto C Cube Eye Drops

The viscosity level of this eye drop is what sets them apart from other โ€˜over-the-counter’ eye drops. This range of contact lens accessories re-wets the surface of your eyes without making your vision hazy or blurred. This eye drop is also ideal for strained and stressed-out eyes.

Rohto C Cube Eye Drops

Aside from that, the Rohto C Cube eye drops help alleviate redness caused by overworn contact lenses. It also helps when there has been an over-exposure to digital glare caused by electronic gadgets. It also comes in handy when external aggravations get into the eyes that can cause total discomfort.

3. Contact Lens Cleaner

There are several automatic cleaning devices available that claim to increase the life span of colored contact lenses. Conventional rinsing and multi-purpose solutions are great for sterilizing contact lenses.

However, they are often ineffective when it comes to removing protein and lipid debris. These tools work better to remove stubborn protein, either through ultrasonic waves that create a scrubbing effect on the surface of the lenses.

It also works by creating an electric field, otherwise known as 3N lens cleaner. 3N cleaner has two different poles – negative and positive. The positive element attracts negatively charged dacryolin (tear protein) and the negative pole releases hydrogen which helps remove protein from contacts.

Are Contact Lens Accessories Necessary?

Yes, contact lens accessories are necessary if you are wearing contact lenses for the long term, as they provide better hygiene and solve the problems many contact lens users are facing.

Contact Lens Accessories are available in two types of style – basic or โ€˜kawaiiโ€™ themed designs. No matter how pretty the accessories are, be sure the function serves the purpose well so that your eyes will be well taken care of.

If you have a strong liking for cute stuff, check out our selection of contact lens accessories that will absolutely tug at your heartstrings.

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