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3 Misconceptions about Halloween Contact Lenses

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Your Halloween costume won’t be worth the limelight until and unless you finish it off with special effect contact lenses. Character specific Halloween contacts help nailing a costume like a pro. Unfortunately due to lack of awareness about the usage of Halloween contact lenses; every year doctors report a no. of cases affected by the menacing cheap Halloween contact lenses. However, don’t let this fog up your mind about novelty contacts. There is a small no of people misusing SFX contacts while a great majority of people from teenagers to elderly enjoy wandering at the walkways on Hallows eve and this wouldn’t have been possible without prescription crazy lenses.

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It is important to note that Halloween contacts are the same medical devices that your conventional contact lenses are. Handling them properly limits the chances of infections. True that contact lenses are medical devices and need meticulous care but you don’t stop using a medical device just because of a fear of it. You can fearlessly include contacts in your life by obtaining a prescription from your optometrist. Let not the commonly prevailing misconceptions smog your mind and resist you from concocting a tremendously horrific Halloween transformation.

Halloween Contact Lenses make you Blind

First things first. It is important to realize that contact lenses don’t make you blind but your ignorance and negligence. Improper handling & ill-treating contact lenses facilitate bacteria accumulation that could lead to fatal damages. As long as you are sourcing Halloween contacts from a legitimate supplier dealing in ISO certified contacts; we ensure you that they won’t turn you blind.

Halloween Contacts Obstruct Vision

Partially yes. Since Halloween contact lenses make use of special pigments; they are opaque. Opaque dyes don’t let you see through and impede vision to some extent. Fortunately, you can grab a pair of Halloween contact lenses in your desired prescription to minimize the risks of being tripped. Although some of the classic Halloween varieties are not available in prescription for instance sclera contacts; you might still want to find a pair of crazy Halloween contacts to compliment your cosplay costume.

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Halloween Contact Lenses are Expensive

False. Gone are the days when only irrationally expensive hand-painted sclera contacts would send shivers down the spine. Being available to actors and performing artists these lenses would make a huge roar on the big screen. Today, with the advancement in technology; the very epic Halloween contacts are now being manufactured via machines which has helped cutting down the costs dramatically. Halloween contact lenses are now affordable than ever and in everyone’s reach. With competition among the manufacturers online; you can grab decorative contacts at incredibly low prices. Even sclera contacts can now be purchased around $60 something for which you had to pay $200 earlier.

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Technology is never deceiving. Deceiving is one’s attitude towards a progress. Improving your approach towards Halloween contact lenses and being able to overcome your fears is what it all takes. Halloween lasts only a day and is not worth risking your vision so buying freaky contacts from authentic suppliers should always be considered the only priority.

yellow Halloween crazy contacts

Have you ever imagined what effect your fire-spitting eyes, venomous blood-sucking sclera or black-out contact lenses can have on your costume that you might have spent a fortune constructing? Spending as little as $20 can help you grab a pair in your desired prescription.

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