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3 Things that Keep Cosplay Contacts from Moving

cosplay contacts anime

cosplay contacts

Halloween is the time when even people with no prior experience resort to cosplay contacts. Cosplay contacts are a popular mode of adding dimensions to your transformation. These contacts make your cosplay look more meaningful and that too effortlessly. Having contacts that keep moving in eyes do not only spoil your performance but also obstruct your vision. To prevent spinning, you need to learn the following.

Cosplay Contacts with an Improper Fit

Contact lenses follow a curvature that looks like an arc and help giving contacts its specific bowl like shape. Although the human eye curvatures ranges from 8.00 mm to 10.00; contacts are usually constructed with the most common curvature size that is 8.6mm. Cosplay contacts that make use of opaque and heavier pigments may rotate and spin around frequently affecting vision. If cosplay contacts keep moving in your eyes regardless of the colour opacity, chances are higher that your iris bears a different size. Get a valid prescription from an authorized eye care professional to help diagnose the reason behind the discomfort.

Cosplay Contacts with Design Complications

Dragon cosplay contacts that do not spin

Circle contacts are supposed to move slightly in your eyes every time you blink although it is limited to just few millimetres. Contact lenses recentre themselves automatically thus the entire process seems pretty swift. However, special effect cosplay contacts with design complications may obstruct vision as they move. A common example is dragon contacts or designs that feature a vertical slit (pupil). These lenses may seem to spin which may also appear unappealing while you go out and perform. To prevent spinning some brands such as Colorvue are engineering contacts that are kept heavier at one end. This provides stabilization and prevents tunnel vision.

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Cosplay Contacts and Makeup

cosplay contacts anime

Irrespective of design and color opacity; cosplay contacts are supposed to pick most on the makeup debris. Since Halloween and cosplay events call for special effect makeup; the particles from eye shades, glitter dust, glue and mascaras can cling on the surface of contacts. Waterlines rimmed heavily may also turn contact lens sticky that will keep them floating upside with the movement of your upper eye lid. To prevent the discomfort, keep your eyes hydrated using contact lens compatible eye drops. Using Blink n Clean solution also comes handy when you need to clean your contacts while still wearing them.

We are hopeful learning on these tips will help you keeping your contacts comfortable. However, you must keep in mind that cosplay contacts are not just a Halloween novelty. They are medical devices thus should be taken out immediately when anything puts you in doubt about them. Always seek medical advice when caught in medical emergency.