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What’s Taylor Swift’s Eyes Color? How to Look Like Taylor Swift?

Do you look for Taylor Swift’s eyes color? According to a scientist, Taylor’s eyes are uncommon because they are electric blue with a black tint.

When it comes to music, Taylor Swift is a beautiful and skilled musician who doesn’t allow the critics to get to her. In addition, her light skin, golden locks, and cat eyes make her a stunning sight. 

Taylor Swift is one of the most sought-after celebrities globally, and her appearance can be achieved by just learning a few simple cosmetic and fashion methods.

Read this whole blog to know how to look like Taylor Swift!

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Step by Step Method: How to Look Like Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Eyes Color
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Method 1: Getting The Appropriate Makeup

Keep Things Simple:

Taylor isn’t afraid to put on some makeup, but she never goes overboard. Everyone knows Taylor’s eyes are the most gorgeous in the world.

It’s everything natural except for her cat eyes and red lipstick. Makeup isn’t necessary because she favors soft pinks and nudes around her eyes and complexion.

Nonetheless, it will be a significant distinction between day and night makeup routines. It’s okay to go lighter and more natural-looking during the day, but you’ll want to go darker and bolder at night with your Taylor look.

Put on the Correct Eyeshadow:

The secret to Taylor’s look is a combination of strong eyelashes, eyeshadows, and eyeliners. When it comes to eyeshadow, Taylor prefers a plum or smoky brown eye, but she also wears a variety of bright hues, such as bright pinks and purples. 

Using a brush, apply the shadow to the outside and inner corners of your eyelids, using deeper shades.


Don’t Forget the Mascara:

Taylor favors black mascara because it complements her pale skin and brings out the color of her eyes. 

You can achieve Taylor Swift’s appearance by putting on artificial eyelashes and applying mascara. Fake eyelashes should only be used sparingly; you don’t want them to draw their attention.

Even plum-colored mascara may be fun to experiment with.

Replicate Taylor Swift’s Silky-Smooth Skin:

As long as you’re taking care of your face, you don’t need a ton of makeup. 

You can try to obtain a tan so that you don’t seem too pale, even though her skin is rather pale. A tanner complexion might aid the appearance of smoother skin. 

To get silky-smooth skin, use a skin cream daily. Use a little spray of perfume or lotion to freshen up, but be careful not to overdo it.

Get The Eyes Like Taylor Swift

If your eyes aren’t as blue as Taylor’s, it doesn’t matter. If you’re a fan of eyeshadow, use a peachy shade. Taylor’s eye makeup has always been done in this manner.

However, if you believe you want a more precise outcome, you can get contact lenses here:

Don’t be afraid to embrace a crimson lip:

Whether on the red carpet or out with friends, fans can always count on Taylor Swift to don her signature bright red lipstick.

Even if bright red lipstick doesn’t look well on everyone, you may still give it a go-to to determine whether it’s suited for your skin tone. To achieve Taylor’s pouty bottom lip, you need to line your lips a little. Taylor has also been spotted with extremely sheer lip color.

Apply a little layer of blush on your cheeks:

While Taylor doesn’t go overboard with her cheek color, she adds a little color to her cheeks. Put blush to your cheek hollows with a brush and mix lightly. Start with a little bit of blush and add more if desired.

Instead of wearing blush throughout the day, save it for a more formal evening out.

Method 2: Getting the Hair Like Taylor

Go Blonde:

Taylor doesn’t alter her hair color. If you like Taylor’s appearance, you may color your hair blonde or acquire blond highlights.

Hair Curling:

If you want Taylor’s classic curled hair, use a curling iron or rollers. You can try extra-curled ringlets first, then a looser, more flowing style.

After shampooing:

  1. Place hair in large rollers.
  2. Discard the rollers and enjoy your work of art after it has dried.
  3. You can apply a hair mousse.

Place your head down, flip your hair, and scrunch it to dry. Straight hair requires mousse and curling iron. Before curling your hair, make sure it’s completely dry. Use hairspray to retain the curl.

Method 3: Dressing Like Taylor

She favors peach and white as her primary color palettes. Polka dot or striped outfits can also be spotted when she’s not wearing a solid-colored dress.

Taylor is a fan of jeans. Her go-to attire is boot-cut jeans in light washes and straight-leg jeans in the dark.

Method 4: Getting the Attitude

Embrace your beautiful countryside. Country girl doesn’t mean plaid shirts and denim every day. Taylor Swift’s style is romantic and petite. A pretty skirt and top or sundresses are a good start; don’t forget footwear. Over Taylor’s sundresses, try a denim jacket.

Taylor is kind and friendly. Check your teeth. Buy mouthwash, floss, toothpaste, and whitening toothpaste if needed. Using whitening toothpaste alone won’t prevent cavities.

Bottom Line

We hope you get the proper direction on how to look like Taylor Swift. In conclusion, we’d like to share some advice with you. Taylor is stylish, humorous, and friendly. 

Be humble and optimistic. Be pleasant and avoid sarcasm. Taylor is humble and doesn’t let popularity affect her. She has close pals and avoids posers.

Wanna get Taylor Swift’s eyes color? Try now!

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